headshot-sofa-zoomI am so glad you’re here!

Thank you for taking the time to care about my story.

Up Close & Personal
The early years of my life were marked by abuse that left me empty and searching. In my search, the choices I made led to an ever increasing downward spiral that grew darker and darker. At the bottom of the pit I was faced with a decision that would forever change my life. A decision whether or not to keep my unborn child. I sought a God I did not know for direction. A few short months later, God led me to an older woman who opened her home for a bible study where, for the first time, I was exposed to truth.

Nothing in me has remained the same since.

God’s Mercy…follows me the rest of the days of my life.
Bit by bit I began to see glimpses of light penetrate through the darkness. The lens through which I now saw life offered a completely different view. I was being pulled away from the decisions of the past. I started to believe my life had purpose. The abuse and all consuming sense of rejection that previously defined me began to loose its grip.

I realized God wanted to change the very definition of my life.

My healing has come in learning to hear and believe God as He has shown me that He desires to use me to build up the body of Christ. Isn’t that true for each of us?

There is no doubt in my mind that God intends to use every part of my life for his purposes. And He wants to use yours as well. Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to his purposes. All things. Not some. Not just the things since coming to know Him. All things. All of my life. I thought my heart would burst as I realized I had worth – something of value to offer.

And you have something to offer as well. You have worth beyond what you realize.

Because of the decision this woman made to open her home for a bible study; to open her life to me, my greatest passion is to pour my life into the generations that come after me with an uncompromising authenticity.

Pour into who?
Those growing up in a generation a little younger than me. Those seeking answers that might lead them to a very real God. My heart’s desire is that you would be encouraged to let God use you in the lives of others.

The Word of God says one generation will proclaim His works to another.

Ruth and Naomi did life together under some of the most grief stricken circumstances life could throw their way. In the midst of it all, Ruth was led to make covenant with the One True God. We too can live our lives with others in such a way that they will be drawn to the Him as well.

Join me over at my blog, Legacy From The Leather.

You too can pour into others a legacy that matters.

Professional Bio

Karen has been married to her best friend for nearly 4 decades. She is grateful to have had him as her biggest fan as she attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Together they make their home in Northeast Tennessee. They have two grown children who’ve chosen the perfect son and daughter-in-love for her. She is Mimi to her grand daughter who affectionately calls her Sweet Cheeks and her soon coming brother. She loves deeply. Values family, a good cup of coffee, & enjoying beautiful sunrises to remind her of the faithfulness of God. She has a bag fetish so serious – she has been known to fast from the bag isle in local stores!

She is passionate about enabling women to:

  • Experience the freedom to be real with God and others.
  • Develop a heart to impact the next generation with vibrant relationships.
  • Mentor others with love, authenticity and confidence.

Karen invests in the lives of others out of a desire for real relationship. She longs to see women grow in a personal relationship with their Creator and with others.

Whether Karen is speaking to a group of women or coaching one on one you will experience her rich, genuine desire for connection.

She loves applying God’s Word to our current day living, understanding it’s not so easy to know how to live out the word of God in our every day life. Karen brings what she has learned from her own walk with her sweet Savior and pours it out before others in a very transparent, refreshing, yet thought provoking way.

In a culture where women battle epidemic spiritual hunger and loneliness for healthy relationships, Karen inspires and equips women of all ages. She encourages them to risk engaging relationships across generational lines, because she’s experienced first hand His scriptural truths in these relationships.

Karen lives her priority of building authentic relationship in her own life. Daily she mentors young women by challenging and encouraging them on their journey, offering them a safe space for personal growth. Throughout the years, the heart of Karen’s investment has taken place on her worn leather sofa over a cup of coffee and often in local coffee shops. She seeks opportunities to express to peers the dire need to pour into the next generation of young women.

As a Certified Life Coach, Karen loves asking thought provoking questions to help women uncover God’s plan for their lives. She has completed NewWay Ministry’s School of Spiritual Direction. As a Birthing Coach she can occasionally be found coaching women “On The Ball” in the beautiful process of labor and delivery. She has served as Bible Study Leader in her church, where she led a team of women in the start-up of an inter-generational ministry to women.