Who is Ruth – What is her Hope – What is her Story?

In the years I’ve had the honor to walk alongside others, I have come to see that…

Like myself, women today battle epidemic spiritual hunger and loneliness for healthy relationships.

As I turned the pages of the crinkly paper I found that Ruth and Naomi did life together under some of the most grief stricken circumstances life could throw their way. Naomi responded initially in a way I believe gave evidence of her knowledge of God as Provider. Along the way, as the older woman became weary, her attitude changed. Yet, in the midst of it all, Ruth of the Bible walked alongside Naomi. Even in her imperfections. Ultimately Ruth was led to make covenant with the One True God. Her hope. We too can live our lives with others in such a way that they will be drawn to Him as well.

Ruth’s Hope was birthed out of a desire God placed upon my heart many years ago. A desire to pour into the lives of young women. To challenge and encourage them in their relationship with our Creator. To share with them the merciful goodness of His love, which He had so freely poured out upon me.

After many years of being in a position of mentoring and discipling young women, I now have the privilege of encouraging and equipping women of all ages to invest in the generations that come after them. I have witnessed a tremendous desire in younger women to have those who have gone before them share life with them and offer support, encouragement and life experience they have gained along the journey.

My heart’s desire is to see women risk engaging relationships across generational lines, because when we become real with one another it offers a safe space for personal growth. If we risk this type of relationship, we find that we have an invitation to be real women – doing real life together – seeking a very real God. Ruth’s Hope exists to Cultivate Generations of Christ-centered Relationships Among Women. To impact the lives of women as they authentically influence the lives of others. To engage, encourage and equip women to invest in future generations. To breathe hope into every woman’s life and teach one generation to serve another. To see women adorn themselves in authentic relationships that can change the world – one woman at a time.

Do you long for healthy growing relationships?  Do you long to understand how to impact the lives of others with an uncompromising authenticity that draws them to God?

You can navigate the mentoring relationship with confidence. Join others who have realized the impact of living on purpose and passing it on.

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