In all that Ruth’s Hope offers you will see that the mission & vision find their foundation in:

Core Relationship Values

  • Authenticity: As revealed by humility and honest self awareness.
  • Truth: As found in the person, life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Trust: Born from personal integrity and experienced in safe relationships.
  • Investment: As evidenced by the giving of oneself in healthy intergenerational relationship
  • Transformation: As seen in the beauty of a changed life

I am not perfect. Are you?

There, I said it.

Just like you I, and others like me, have experienced fear, insecurity, being overwhelmed, and confusion – yes – betrayals that created wounds so deep we thought they would never heal. None of us are perfect. That being said, let’s not be content to stay where we are. God wants all of us to move forward and continue becoming the person He has called us to be.

Life Experience

I believe we draw our strength from staying connected to Jesus Christ, to each other and to authentic relationships that leverage the power of life experience. I believe life experience is a great helper and healer when one generation serves another. This belief helps us all learn valuable lessons from our life and the lives of others.

Love Jesus

While I am equipped to serve women who do not subscribe to Christian teachings, at my core, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I believe that apart from Christ we can do no good thing. Only God has the power to change lives. He does this through a healthy and vibrant relationship with each person as they abide in Him.

The greatest blessing we can offer others is a constant understanding that Jesus Christ is the real source of truth and life.