He picked me up for our first date in a little white car just like this one. The photos we’re each holding are of us in our youth while we were dating almost 4 decades ago. She’s our Sunday spring through fall ride now. It makes us a little giddy sometimes.

2991_Trig_130713eWe still argue over who picked who. Regardless of the answer, we are full of gratitude for one another. We’ve lived through some hard stuff but we believe it’s made our relationship what it is today.


3 generations: Me, my daughter, and my first granddaughter. No words for the hope I have when I look at the the connections between these hands. One generation…to the next.

2131_Trig_130713ePhilip & I enjoying a fun moment together.

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Daniel & his Bride, Holly








Lynn, Mike & Whitney {AKA} Sweet Cheeks