photoSeveral years ago I went through the process of being coached by an amazing life coach. I really just thought I was going to go through the process to determine if it was something i wanted to use in my daily ministry. I hoped to determine if the coaching tools would be something that would make me better at the ministry God had entrusted to me. Would it be helpful in the mentor/discipleship relationships I spent my days humbly invited into?

The answer to my question has changed my life and stretched me beyond what I could have imagined.

A few of the words I wrote on that day…“The Clay on the Wheel Woman says – I believe that He has been asking me to be open to more depth of clarity and transition…she needs spiritual mentors to speak truth into her life…she has recently begun to walk in courage and to step out…she is willing to be refined in areas that need sharpening.”

Little did I know of the journey ahead of me. If I had known, I might have asked to be removed from the wheel. It’s been a stretching beyond what I would have imagined. At times to the point of feeling I might break into a million pieces. Then finding I could endure much more than I knew.

When I wrote those words I thought they related only to the reason I had signed up for the coaching process. What I find as I reflect on the title today is – God wants me to stay on the wheel. I think I have spent much of my life thinking once I master a lesson being taught to me, I can climb down off that particular wheel and wait for an invitation to the next one…sometimes with teeth gritted…but waiting no less.

I wonder if, like  me, you’ve had times of wanting off the wheel. Time to rest. A break from being reshaped and reworked. Time to catch your breath before the next lesson.

God must have known  we would struggle with being stretched and reshaped as we attempt to face our daily circumstances.

Jeremiah 18:4  And the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter‘s hand, and he reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do.

God’s word tells us we can trust the Potter {Him} to rework His vessel {us}. He wants us to learn to trust the process. He wants us to learn to trust His Word over the overwhelming emotion we face in the midst of the seemingly endless journey. He wants us to learn to trust HIM! His Word always leads us to more of Him. Though the spoiling leaves us feeling isolated and alone, far from His reach, Jeremiah tells us the vessel He was making was spoiled in HIs hands – the hands of the Potter. His hands are to be trusted. The wheel is a safe place, even when it seems to spin out of control.

We can learn to rest in the center of that wheel, you and I. The spoiling is not too far from His reach.It is completely in HIs hands.

I wonder if there is something that anchors the potters clay to the wheel? I envision something holding it in place even as it is taken from one shape to another. I think I need to visit a potters studio to see for myself.

Dear Heart to Heart Reader,

Are you on the wheel today? Do you feel weary on the wheel?

How can I pray for you as you are being held in the hands of the Potter?




6 comments on “Clay on the Wheel Woman”

  1. So true, so true friend. I was just spending time with The Lord yesterday in this very chapter and He was reminding me of this never ending process of being molded. I pray we stay modalble and humble to His presence and direction. Thanks for writing this. Love ya!

    • Cheryl,
      No worries at all. Whenever you are ready. Thanks so much for journeying with us. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any posts.
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Karen, this post reminds me of one I wrote some time ago…all about my parents plans to name me “Clay” if I was a boy. Now I’m the Mom who’s named her son Jesse CLAY…all because thru the pregnancy God used these words to remind me that I am clay in His hands. Being on the wheel is usually no fun, but He is the master crafter and I’m constantly reminded His plan is so much better than mine!!
    Here’s the long version of that story –

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