“Long before authenticity and transparency became the ‘new black,’ Karen Trigg modeled an authenticity that drew me in like a moth to light. A true connector, Karen taught me the importance of real, genuine relationship. Her passion for women to connect with others, to live authentic lives, is genuine and runs ocean deep.”
– Jo Ann Fore, Author. Mentor. Speaker

“Karen can speak authentically because she is authentic and embraces it in relationships. She can speak generational relationships because she has practiced it. She can point to Jesus because she seeks Him diligently.”
– MaryAnn Stout, Bible Study Team, Grace Fellowship Church

“You remind me of a quote from Charles Spurgeon, the preacher from England, who said, ‘Carve your name on hearts and not on marble.’ You are definitely a heart carver.”
– Rachael Crabb, NewWay Ministries

“Karen Trigg truly invests in the lives of others authentically and unselfishly out of sincere love for women. She is such a great example of what it means to ‘share life together’. She is so intentional about building relationships with those younger than her and desiring to learn and grow from those older than themselves.”
– Jan Jacobson, Summit Leadership Foundation

“Karen Trigg is a breath of fresh air. She invites those listening into a moment where they know what is being shared comes from deep within her. The Lord has worked in her the ability to stand before the group she is serving with a humble authentic heart while revealing God’s truths through her story. Her love of her Lord & audience pours out of her words each step of the way. Karen draws those listening to live a more authentic and intentional life.”
– Jessica Trivette, Faithfully Business Women

“Karen Trigg has a passion to pass the baton of faith to the next generation and to teach others to do the same. A teachable teacher.”
– Debi Porche, Worship Leader, Mentor

“Karen teaches women from the rich truth of God’s word. She draws on her own life experiences and bridges the gap generationally between women and points them to Christ.”
– Mitzi Pierce, Stay at Home Mama. Photographer. Artist.