never-the-less1I am thinking tonight about how we as women are wired to desire connection. I for one am grateful for that desire. And this weekend was such a sweet sweet reminder that other women share that longing as well.

As I sit and write I am listening to Shane & Shane singing “It is Well” & I am thinking…yes…it is.

I was honored this weekend to be a part of a young women’s conference hosted by a friend of mine in South Dakota. I loved being invited into the stories of vulnerable transparent women who believe that if they are willing to share how God’s hand-print is stamped upon their lives, it will make a difference in someone who is looking on. Each one touched me very personally. Each conversation that I had along the way was important to me. Some unfinished.

And then when it is over we go home with the impact sitting upon our hearts. What will we do with what we have heard? Will we filter it through our natural minds? Or will we allow the breath of God to direct our thoughts and actions as we all head home to our pre-conference lives? Nothing wrong with returning to our lives – but how do we weave this experience into what’s next?

Lord…help me not to take this lightly, but to seek to be directed by you and then to follow where you lead.

With a heart full of gratitude…and open to be moved…

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  1. returning and hanging out with me was a great start. 😉
    seriously though, sometimes i feel like you’re the life saver float God has thrown into the rough and choppy sea (called life!). Thanks for your time and your words.

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