The kitchen assignment chart.

Now it seems a crazy place for the impact to start. But as thoughts come flowing gently back, that’s where they land.

Enter the back door of Grandma’s house, through the screened in porch, and I can count on it to be there…attached to the front of the fridge. Four columns to be exact. One for me and one for each of my three brothers. I couldn’t wait to see what my “job” would be today. She would assign us aprons and give us job descriptions for meal time, then she would step back and become the supervisor overseeing all jobs. Of course…she trusted us and let us know that as she kept her distance and gave us independence. I remember feeling like the queen bee!

Leaving behind a world of fear and chaos the from the home life we lived, every time I walked though those doors and into her home as a young elementary aged girl I found safety and comfort beyond all I hoped and longed for. In her home I mattered. She would sit for hours and teach us to play games. Board games. Card games. Building forts. She made it all about us. She knew we needed it. It was our escape from reality.

Over the next few years as the chaos in the home escalated we would often sneak by her house as we walked to or home from school. Thank God it was on the way. She offered a safe place we knew we could take refuge in. Even if it was temporary. At age ten the courts took us from that home and placed us in another. For a season, she breathed life and hope into a child who might not have known it otherwise.

Could she see past all the pain we endured? Could she trust God would use it all for His glory one day? Did she see who I could become all those years ago? Did she have any idea the impact her love for me would have on my life? My WHOLE life?

All these years later as I consider who has impacted my life – who intentionally made a decision to love me and pour into my life – it begins here. She could have chosen to open the door when we walked in and went about her business as an adult. Surely she could have chosen to. Grandma didn’t. She sat on the floor with us and joined us in our world and made it an exciting child-like place to be. We needed it.

Who was the first to impact your life in such a powerful way? What was the impact?

14 comments on “Impacted for the Journey”

  1. I too had a grandmother that impacted me with her and I still miss her. But, this also brings me hope and encouragement as I try to be this kind of grandmother to my precious Breanna and Emery.

    • Isn’t it amazing the impact they have had upon us?
      I love watching you pour into your grandchildren. We take what was poured into us and pour it back out.
      Blessed to call you my friend,
      Love you!

    • Oh Sweet Marilyn!
      You are a precious grandma! Though we don’t live near one another anymore, I hear stories all the time of how important quality time with family is for you. You have always intentionally carved out time with family as a priority. And it has always blessed ,e to watch.
      Thx for taking the time to post a comment.
      I hope you will return again.
      Love you!

  2. Thanks for this reminder. My grandmother is in a rest home and doesn’t really even lift her head when we visit. This took me back to fun days sitting at her kitchen table trying to figure out what was in the oven that smelled SO GOOD. Needed that today.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It’s never easy to watch, is it. And what WAS your favorite smell you remember coming from her kitchen?

  3. i love you, dear sister in the Lord! I am continually amazed at the eloquence God blessed you with and, like so many others have commented, the transparency with which you live life. I love you so much and miss you! read any Jim Elliot lately…? 😉

    • Sarah!
      Jim Elliot…where did I put him? Oh no.
      It’s been my joy to watch you grow in Christ-likeness…learning to allow Him to grow you in transparency that glorifies Him. And now living and serving in Haiti…letting God write more stories in your book of adventure.
      We love & Miss you guys!

  4. Pinkie-Promise Friend,
    Thank you for allowing yourself to be used as an instrument of God. We buried my grandmother last Monday. Your post today helps me remember her influence in my life.

    • Oh my Pinkie Promise Friend!
      I am so sorry. I’d love for you to write a bit here about her impact on your life if you feel led.
      My heart hurts for you in your loss.
      I love that the post helps.
      Till we meet.
      Much love

  5. This encourages and refreshes me on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your hope-filled, grace-overflowing Grandmother with us. I see her in you. Without ever having witnessed the sparkle of her eyes I sense her spirit tucked deep within your heart.

    Much love,
    Jo Ann

    • Thank you Jo Ann.
      I love that you see her in me. Who was the first to impact your life?
      And what was the impact?

    • Lana!
      How sweet to see you on Heart to Heart Journey. I love it. I do hope you will feel the freedom to join in on some conversations. I love your heart! The mountains of TN are still awaiting the long hours of conversation we will one day enjoy.
      Much love and gratitude for your visit to the blog.

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