I recently posted a simple definition of “mentor” from Dictionary.com

The definition paints a picture of the mentor being someone who has gone before, gained wisdom in a particular area, and has then shared with those who have yet to gain wisdom in a particular area.

  • Does the definition draw a clear picture for you?


  • What questions does this definition leave you asking?


For a bit more clarity, let me share my simple understanding of what a mentor IS and what a mentor is NOT.


I was talking with a friend recently and shared my heart on the matter. I shared with her from my perspective:

What a mentor is NOT:IMG_1148

Someone who has all the answers

Someone who stands over you waiting for you to fail again

Someone who agrees with the lies of the enemy

Someone who walks away when things get tough


What is mentor IS:napkin talk pic

A friend

Someone who has walked the road a little ahead of you

Someone who cares

Someone who speaks truth

Someone who sits with you in darkness and shines the light in

Someone who loves deeply because she has been loved deeply by God – it’s all she has

Someone who believes in you when you cannot see to believe in yourself

Someone who challenges you


A friend


That’s all…just a friend.

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