Karen’s desire is to apply God’s Word to our current day living, She understands it’s not always so easy to live out God’s Word in our current day circumstances. As she has the honor to share with women, she brings what she has learned with her sweet Savior and pour it out before others in a very transparent, refreshing, yet thought-provoking way.

Karen is available to present these topics in both coaching and group settings.  To inquire further about connecting with Karen or booking her for your next women’s event, please fill out the contact form.

Legacy Matters: Living On Purpose – Passing It On
How is a woman supposed to leave a legacy for the generations that come after her if she is intimidated by the thought of it? We were designed to pour into the lives of the young women who come after us, but that design has been torn down and lie in ruins. Karen shatters the lie that we must attain perfection before investing into those who come after us. She shares lessons God taught her sitting face to face with young women on her worn leather sofa, coupled with relevant biblical teaching as she equips women to:

  • Gain understanding of the critical reasons to invest in the next generations.
  • Overcome the obstacles to mentoring relationships.
  • Anticipate the excitement of deep relationship.
  • Develop life on life application for leaving a legacy.
  • Risk authentic relationship that cultivates real growth in Christ.

* Karen often presents this material with a younger woman who shares the benefits of being mentored.

Naked is NOT a Dirty Word: Inviting Accountability
In an ever changing world, we have many choices. Does God care what we choose? Does it matter if I let anyone else speak into my life as I make those decisions? As we look at Hebrews, Karen will challenge us to:

  • Intentionally choose transparency as a value necessary for growth.
  • Invite others to walk with us in applying biblical principles to our lives.
  • Embrace the power of community as it adds quality to the personal growth process.
  • Experience the joy of being encouraged toward love and good deeds.

Beyond Beautiful: The Art of Cultivating Real Relationship
As women God created us relationally. We long for relationships that breathe life, yet struggle with being buried under the weight of fear and risk of rejection. God’s Word tells us He has given us all we need to experience healthy, life-giving connections with others. Karen sheds light on the scriptures as she empowers women to:

  • Allow God to cultivate the soil of their hearts
  • Risk rejection in the safety of authentic relationship
  • Live the full life God intended for them
  • Recognize relationship is a process to be cultivated rather than a goal to be reached