photoI wonder if we realize just how much they matter.

Stories paint pictures for us. They draw us in to see through the eyes of the teller.

Each story unique, like the teller.

Each voice unique, resounding the heart and personality of the one telling.

Details inviting us to memories built, impact deep.


What you leave behind when you are gone…it matters.

Do you know who has sown seeds of a legacy into your life?

Can you see it in story form? Do you have chapters yet to be written?

Have you told the story before?

Do you know that others may be inspired, encouraged and possibly even moved to action because your story has been put to words?

I would love to hear your story. The story of how someone has poured into your life. And how it made a difference for you.

Will you share with me? Will you share with others? I would be honored.

Send me an email to indicate your interest and I will contact you.

Your story matters to those looking on. It really does.

With gratitude…



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