Fabulous Friday Find – Inside Chatter


Just had to share this with you! It’s on my calendar.Why – you ask?

Because I NEED it.

Lysa TerKeurst and Sheila Walsh will be doing a Live Webcast January 29th @ 9pm EST

They will be discussing “Negative inside chatter can quickly turn from misguided perceptions into dangerous reality. Sign up for this free webcast and find victory in this battle against negative inside chatter.”

And did I mention – It’s FREE!

What woman does not struggle with the voices we hear in our heads? I’m coming with open ears and pen in hand.

Click on the link to see more and to register for an email reminder



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Waiting on JOY

Day 40

Once in a while it’s difficult to find JOY.
Even then – the Word tells us…But JOY comes with the morning – Psalm 30:5.

The Lord is my hope and my refuge, my strong tower. My safe place.

It’s difficult to trust in the battle. Emotionally, I am prone to let my feelings lead me.
We are told we fight a flesh battle.

But one we need to fear will overcome us.

The price has been paid that we might find ourselves triumphant over our fleshly desires.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control.

I am in need of all LORD. And well aware I’m not capable of any without you.