Unplug to Connect

The sound of an airplane swoosh – Incoming email or text.

A high tone beep – A reminder.

A banner across my screen – incoming text, email, or calendar reminder.

A blue box – Face Book update.

And more.

We have become a society overwhelmed by all we can do in the palm of our hand. Social Media, connect anywhere to anyone, find anything at a moments notice and sometimes with the help of Siri asking ‘How may I help you?’ and better yet, if you like, calling you by name. The name of your choice. Mine is Daughter of the King, just in case you were wondering.

I personally love how efficient I can be on my iPhone 4s. Email, text, write a blog post if necessary, twitter, music, Google search of anything at any time. It helps me to get things done. To get places I need to be.

Truth be told, it gets in the way too. In the way of a relationship in front of me at the moment. Misunderstood text or email due to lack of voice inflection leading to conflict or doubt. And simple things like – what is a clock on a wall really? I’m ready to go back to hanging one! I even use my phone to check the time. Good grief.

I find I need to DISCIPLINE myself to step away from my phone from time to time.


I heard on the radio today that a representative from Google suggested unplugging your phone for one hour a day. I need to accept the challenge. When we take the time to intentionally unplug from our devices, it offers a space to connect in real time with other human beings face to face. Or voice to voice like we used to do in phone calls. When is the last time you unplugged?

I am reminded of the verse in Hebrews – 10:24-25 – Let us And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another… I wonder what it looked like as they came together and encouraged one another.

Don’t get me wrong, we can encourage each other through our incredibly efficient devices, but something powerful happens when we gather together, meet together, and look into one another’s eyes. We CONNECT on a level that we only scratch the surface on otherwise. I know, it is easier for some to have hard conversations via text, but I personally think if we will unplug and come together, much more can be accomplished. Much can be worked through. Much can even be enjoyed.

We have a generation of youth who relate best through text message, Face book message and other like avenues of communication. How can we encourage them to communicate face to face, voice to voice? By engaging them.

Face to face, voice to voice.

And showing them how to unplug for a while.

By doing it ourselves first.

They ARE watching.