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Girlfriends & Bookends ~ Don’t Expect It To Be Easy

Welcome Girlfriends!

Thank you for joining us to turn the pages of Becoming a True Spiritual Community by Larry Crabb. We will spend the next 17 weeks or so sharing our thoughts and maybe even asking one another some questions. We will most likely give each other some things to think on. If you’ve chosen to read this book with us you I can guess you already know that finding and growing in community is not something that happens easily. Since we are all here to learn more, let’s dig in and get

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“I ponder my experience and I recognize once more that the way for us to be in the world is  to focus on the spiritual life. – Henri Nouwen” (From Chapter 1).

Larry Crabb begins to ask questions to consider on page 191.

He says “Confusion and disappointment are inevitable on the journey toward spiritual maturity. But the up side of confusion is openness, and the upside of disappointment is that it inspires hope by making it necessary.” He goes on to ask “What disappointments have you encountered along the way, disappointments that God is undoubtedly using to grow your faith and make you mature in Christ?”

I can relate to the confusion he speaks of. I’ve had my share of disappointments and hurts over the years in my attempts toward spiritual maturity in relationship with others. The disappointments were not always by others – some were brought on by my own choices.  I’ve found that if I can be sincere in my  desire to grow and in my commitment to struggle well, that’s more than half the battle.

The safe community he speaks of that offers healing power, I believe is cultivated over time. Although it takes intentional effort, it is well worth the investment. I need a safe place to be able to share that I don’t have life all figured out. A place where it’s ok to have questions that may never be answered this side of heaven. And I need to see that others struggle too. I am grateful God uses our disappointments and confusion to lead us to Himself. I’ve had to learn over time, and still need to be reminded…it’s not the answer that is most important, but that the questions might lead us to Him…that’s what really matters as we work to understand true spiritual community.

Join me in sharing your thoughts. Will you?

You may want to touch on my comment, or you may want to bring something completely different to the discussion. Please let the little keys on your keypad give us a glimpse into what has spoken to you from this chapter.

One little thought…let’s keep it to what we are learning about ourselves in the pursuit of community. I know it might be tempting to touch on where others have let us down in our pursuit.I know we all want to better understand what it takes to be healthy in community.

Please share your comments below.

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Girlfriends & Bookends – Community

Have you ever wondered how in the world to build authentic community?

Do you secretly wonder if it is possible to go deeper with God and with others?

Do you long to show someone what’s under the surface and know – rather than be rejected you will be offered a safe place ?

Several years ago I had the privilege of spending a week with a group of people who longed to learn more about true spiritual community. We learned together under the teaching and interaction with Larry Crabb of NewWay Ministires. What I took away from the time profoundly impacted my life. I carry the nuggets of insight, wisdom & truth with me daily.

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Let’s turn the pages of Larry’s book together and learn what Becoming a True Spiritual Community looks like.

Girlfriends – For the next few months I would love for you to share your thoughts as we spend time together. There WILL be give-aways :-). I will share an initial response to the chapter & invite you to do the same. We will each bring different insight from what we take away from each chapter. It will be a time of rich growth together.

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