Rise & Shine – Mentors Matter Monday

Every  day I long to hear stories of women whose lives have been changed or are being changed because someone takes the time to invest in them.pitchers.jpg

I look for these stories because I want to share them with you in hopes that you will see the very real impact mentoring and discipleship can make in the lives of those hungering and thirsting for more of Jesus.

Lean in today and give God the glory as you hear from Laurel.


The word might conjure up images of an elderly woman sharing all of her wisdom with a member of a younger generation.

As for me, I have had mentors of all ages. (Hey, I am even learning a lot from the Godly, hip teen who lives down the road from me!) But, today, I want to share about a mentor that has been in my life since I was 13 years old.

“Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!”

This is the first line to the song she would sing bright and early as she awakened the gang of girls every time we had a sleep-over event as a youth group.

Boy, was it obnoxious.

Yet, this morning, as I was getting ready for church at the age of 31…I started singing this song. Writing about it brings tears to my eyes. Why? Because I learned and continue to learn so much about being a Christian from this awesome, Christ-centered woman.

I am reminded of Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your hear, as working for the Lord.” That is my mentor. Whether it’s preparing to lead a choir, finding furniture for the elderly in need, or mentoring an assertive (ahem) young woman. It was and is all for the Lord. Always with a smile on her face. Even in moments of frustration, she does not complain. She does not grow weary. She just. keeps. going.

Yeah, I have learned a lot from her. Grace. Humility. Patience.  At least, I see those things in her and want to emulate her because I know that her fruit overflows because of her focus on the Lord. She does nothing out of vanity, and she always puts the needs of others ahead of her own (Phil 2:3-4).

Over our 18 year relationship, I can only recall one time where we slightly disagreed. The gist of it was that she wanted to be more loving towards someone than I wanted to be. Wow. What a lesson in all those awesome qualities I’ve already mentioned.

Yeah, I want to be her when I grow up. I want others to see in me just a fraction of what I see in her.

I have been blessed with a number of awesome mentors. Without their guidance and discipleship, I don’t believe I would be who I am today. A sinner saved by grace trying to live a life pleasing to my Savior.

Dear Heart to Heart Reader,

What have you learned from someone who has taken the time to walk through life with you?

Who do YOU want to be when YOU grow up?



Laurel Shaler is a licensed social worker and counseling faculty member. Additionally, Laurel strives to help women anchor their emotions to God, improve their relationships, and develop an abundant life in Christ. Laurel can be found blogging at You can also follow her on Twitter  or on facebook at 

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grace & me

Grace has been heavy on my heart and mind recently.

Recently I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. I was in a conversation with a girlfriend and by my leading the conversation took a turn I had not expected. I spoke a little more than I had intended to on the point I was making. Before I knew it I brought the conversation to a screeching halt. Feeling selfish and consumed with guilt for having taken away from what my friend needed to talk through, I felt the emotional walls closing in all around me.

The voices that have wreaked havoc on my mind and my soul in the past crawled up out of the grave to dig their dirty fingernails into my heart and rip it apart.

How could you do that?

Did you need to take the attention away from her?

You are so selfish!

The spinning emotion lost any form of words to express it. Only dejection. Self – loathing.  Piling old remembrances one upon another.

I felt as though I was back at the bottom of the steps again looking up and discouraged about the climb.

On any given day we can readily tell one another all about grace. We know what it means. defines grace as mercy; clemency; pardon 

More specifically related to theology, goes on to list the following definitions:

The freely given,unmerited favor and love of God

The influence or spirit of God operating

I think I am much more willing to give grace to others than I am to give it to myself. Why is that? It’s not really healthy.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 he is the least of the Apostles and does not even deserve to be called an Apostle because he persecuted the Church of God. Yet he goes on to make the bold proclamation “But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.

At times the enemy of the Spirit of God within me wants to argue with me and convince me I’m no better today than the first time I ever surrendered my will to God. I have to be reminded, like Paul reminds himself, by the grace of God I, Karen Trigg, am what I am, by grace…His…grace.  It’s what Christ did for me as He hung on the cross that has it’s affect on me…on who I am. Nothing I do can take away from that. But I can choose to remember the cross and refocus my sights.

Grace was freely given then and is still freely offered today.

I’m thankful for friends who point to the the evidence of where grace has marked my life.

The fingerprints of God’s effect upon my life.

How has grace marked your life?

Who helps you to see the effects of grace in your life?

Take a moment to share about the impact of grace.

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