When A Woman Finds Her Voice

“I won’t tell if you don’t!”

We never really said it, but we knew we shared the common bond. The bond of silence.

The decision to swallow our words helped us through some terrifying times and erected a wall of protection around our hearts. With an unwritten allegiance, my brothers and I stood by each other within those constructed walls.

I was familiar with deferring to the voice, stifled by fear. The one that held the power. My first lesson in this subject came at the age of five. If you tell, they will not believe you. And they may never let you come back. Back to visit the pony with the silky flowing mane.  And so, the lump in my throat grew large, larger than life for a young girl barely school age. I loved the pony. I swallowed in silence. I will not tell.

It wasn’t the first time I had been rendered speechless.

These childhood classrooms provided curriculum–educating me early. The lessons learned provided a legend for the map I would navigate through life.

Until…God beckoned me to begin voice lessons. The journey to finding my voice began. One lesson at a time he began to teach me how to use the voice he gifted me. A new classroom.

In her soon to be released book When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts and Using Your Voice to Make a Difference,  Jo Ann Fore invites us to allow God to be the one who gives us a voice. The one he intended for us to use as he gifted us our first breath.

Cover When A Woman FInds Her Voice


“Whether you need emotional healing or are looking for tools to help others, When A Woman Finds Her Voice offers practical hope, straight talk, and insightful biblical truths that lead you to find this healing, and then helps you lead others to do the same…”

Her book is available now for pre-order. Grab yours NOW and begin the journey to finding your voice.


Be what?

Oh – that’s it…Be still…and know I am God.

Stillness has not been on my menu of late. My life since the end of April has at times felt like the turn-style at an amusement park entrance. It has been good, but it has been non-stop. Going first in one direction and then another.

But this past weekend I took a long deep breath in. Took it down deep to the places that needed fresh oxygen.

photo-4One step at a time I slowly climbed to my perch.

This was an invitation to listen to my heart, my mind, my soul. My body.

It whispered at every turn winding through the halls, be still, listen, know that I am God.

A sign hung in the main area to remind me. Just in case I lost my ability to remember. I do that, you know. I forget to stop and breath in all that is around me. Simple things like a rainstorm gently blowing its way in. The hint of fresh rain wafting through the air and landing on my shoulders. Wrapping me in its embrace as it lets go of its need to wait.

Fresh rain drops on tin rooftops. And then the sun bursts through.

As I sit, hoping for fulness to pour into me, it comes, gently flowing as if from the narrow mouth of a pitcher. I drink it in. Deep.

They say retreat, stillness, solitude is good for the soul. They are right. Words flow freely as I make room for them. photo-2

Why don’t I make room more often?

I wonder…do you make room? Change comes as we make room. As we slow our busy lives.photo-3

How often do you intentionally choose to be still?

What happens when you do? Does fullness pour in like a soft rain? Does healing come? Does revelation gently unfold? Does hope find its way to your heart like the smell of the coming rain found its way to let go and wrap me in its embrace?photo-6

Oh that we would take the time to make space to be still, you and I, more often. Could we make it a discipline? I don’t think it will just happen.

As I stood and watched this butterfly he let me click multiple camera shots of him, click, click, click. I stood in awe of how long he just sat there letting me glimpse his beauty.

And I wonder if God softly chuckled as he observed my stillness.

Be what?

Be still and know that I am God.




Arm Wrestling JOY

Sheer JOY in healing the heart. One thing at a time.
Day 25

There are times in our lives
When – like the men took their friend on the mat and lowered him through the roof to be near Jesus – we can be the mat carriers in the lives of those we love.
Today it was one thing at a time loving on a friend who needed Jesus and His healing salve.
Lunch in the sunshine
Surprises to feed the soul and water the Spirit
Ending the day watching her curled up and