Stories – Mentors Matter

photoI wonder if we realize just how much they matter.

Stories paint pictures for us. They draw us in to see through the eyes of the teller.

Each story unique, like the teller.

Each voice unique, resounding the heart and personality of the one telling.

Details inviting us to memories built, impact deep.


What you leave behind when you are gone…it matters.

Do you know who has sown seeds of a legacy into your life?

Can you see it in story form? Do you have chapters yet to be written?

Have you told the story before?

Do you know that others may be inspired, encouraged and possibly even moved to action because your story has been put to words?

I would love to hear your story. The story of how someone has poured into your life. And how it made a difference for you.

Will you share with me? Will you share with others? I would be honored.

Send me an email to indicate your interest and I will contact you.

Your story matters to those looking on. It really does.

With gratitude…



Legacy Sown – Legacy Returned

Our conversation led us to the round four seater table placed a the edge of the kitchen. Our husbands were in the next room having their equally important conversation. Quality time with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law is hard to come by, so we hung on each others words. When we are blessed to share time, we speak of things that matter, and we laugh a little too.

On this day our conversation led to the topic of legacy. An explanation of legacy I read recently defined it as “making a difference today with tomorrow in mind” (Inside Track).  And I love to hear stories of those who are making THIS kind of difference!

Joyce knows my heart for pouring into the generations that come after us. It’s not about a program, but about intentional authentic relationship that makes a difference.

She shared about a woman who made a huge impact on her life throughout her years serving as a teacher in the public school system. With Joyce newly retired, she has made a decision to continue to give of herself, and I find it so beautiful to see her give back to one who poured into her.  Pearl left a built a legacy while she lived that will be touching others even after she is gone.

Joyce’s story:
As I retired from 25 years of teaching this past December, I was praying that God would lead me in a direction to be able to give and share with others. Teaching was definitely my “calling” in life and it pretty much consumed my every waking minute. The joy I received from interacting with my students and watching them learn was such a blessing to me.
In January I decided to visit some of our widows that are in nursing homes. One in particular, Pearl, had touched my family’s life for many years. She was a  nursery worker in our church, and she helped many children grow in the Lord. She, also, would call church members on their birthdays and whenever she knew someone was sick. She would always let us know that she was praying for us. Through God’s grace she was able to carry out these ministries through many illnesses, the death of a son, and a husband with Alzheimer’s.
The first time I visited Pearl I suggested that I could read to her whenever I came to visit. She resisted at first because she said she could still read her large print Bible. But, the next afternoon I received a phone call from Pearl and she asked if I could read her Sunday School lessons with her. I procured two lesson booklets the following Sunday. Her class’s curriculum is different from mine, so I am blessed with two lessons of Bible study each week. I read the lesson and highlight key points, then I read it with her and we discuss the Bible truths. It is amazing how much more you receive when you discuss with others.
Whenever we are finished I try to engage her in conversation about her past and her family. I see the joy in her face as she shares. I want to be an encourager for her,because the realization that she will never go home again can be daunting to anyone, especially if you are still “as sharp as a tack” at 88.
God is truly blessing me each week as I try to give back to those who have left a legacy of sharing God’s love with others. Pearl is truly a Pray-er Warrior.