Why Bother – Part 2

“It was rewarding to feel I had something to offer”.

Listen in as today’s post wraps up my interview with Linda.  (Click here for Part 1)

What was the most challenging thing about opening your home?

Linda:  It was not challenging for me at all.  I viewed it as helping people who were a bit younger than me. I felt it was my responsibility to help them because I knew more in terms of life experience and needed to share the knowledge.

What was the most rewarding thing for you?

Linda:  Looking back, because I had my own self-esteem issues, leading a study helped me to do something I felt I was good at. It was rewarding to feel I had something to offer. I was taught obedience early on. Perhaps it was the obedience that drove me. In my own salvation experience I was taught if I shared the right things, the people I shared with would come to know Christ. Seemed the priority at the time. Do it right. They will come to know Christ.

Did you lead these bible studies with a goal of long term relationship with women attending? 

Linda:  NOOOOOOOOOOO – I wanted to be obedient.  Probably because of that I wanted to do my job and move on – part of the arrogance.  My thinking was – I must witness because I will be accountable to God in the end.

If that’s what you thought then – what do you think now?

Linda:  I think differently now. In my being obedient, I have learned it is all about the relationship.  Learning to be the person standing ‘in the gap’. The one showing them Jesus.  It’s about relationship.

Why is it all about relationship?

Linda:  The best testimony comes from our story.  It’s what draws them to Christ. Truth. Initially it was all about following the rules – now – for me it’s about people. I’ve learned it matters to be real about who I am in my relationship with Christ. It is a constant invitation to others. I can let them see my struggles, and see where God impacts those struggles. And it makes a difference.

Did you have any idea you would impact the lives of younger women?

Linda:  No. To this day I don’t think I have any idea how others have been impacted. I consider myself a ‘sower of seeds’. I must learn to trust the seeds that have been planted. It’s ok to be the seed planter. It was because of the seeds I planted, that Karen asked how to know Christ. And because she asked, I was able to share in the journey with her.   

Please share why other women should bother to open their lives and pour into another.

Linda:  Pouring into others is an investment in myself in the most positive healthy way possible, if in fact I am (to the best of my ability) being obedient to God. There are blessings in just being obedient even when things don’t turn out as I hoped.

Linda:  Investing by sharing my story with others, I am reminded over and over again of the scripture in 1 Samuel 7:12:  ‘Thus far the Lord has helped me (us)’.

I am grateful to Linda for taking the time to look back with me.  To share with us why she bothered to open her life to pour into others, and what she has learned over the years.

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What one thing stood out to you in this interview?

Hesed JOY

Words on a page

Written by Carolyn Custis James

A Hebrew word used to describe “a bone-deep commitment – a loyalty, selfless…love your neighbor kind of love…”

“The way God intended human beings to live together from the beginning…”

This is the kind of love Jesus has for us.  The kind He exhibited for us in obedience to the Father.  It brings me JOY to think that He made it possible to love others in this way.  He calls us to live this kind of life.  Yet we struggle every day in our humanness to understand how to live it out.


JOY in my heart today…knowing there is grace as we learn day by day to live out this kind of love.

Discouragement will not take me down!