The JOY of Hearing

This week I asked the Lord to speak to me. It was pretty important to me that I hear from Him. In a moment – it was there. Yet, I doubted, concerned it was my own thoughts inserting themselves into the blank I left for the Lord to fill.

As I write this post I am thankful and grateful for the JOY of hearing.

It was an answer only the Lord could give. I could not have honestly come up with it on my own. Let alone quickly. I’m such a processor. To a default at times.

Still I doubted.

So I asked for confirmation.

1 – Does it align with His Word?

2 – Does it bring peace?

3 – Does it shed light where once there was darkness?

The answer – YES!

And as I shared it with my husband and best friend of 32 years and asked him his thoughts. Confirmation from the only one who knows me almost as well as God Himself. Yes Karen, God is setting you free! And he takes my hands in his and prays for me.

Thank you Lord for the JOY of hearing and for the gift of my husband.

Psalm 85:8

Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people…

Simple JOY

Childlike JOY

As a child I loved to check the mail.

A letter from my Mom who lived in another state was such a treat to a grade school girl. The bird and postage stamp.

The candle. Warmth of home. A familiar scent welcoming you.

Day 120 of 365 Days of JOY.

At peace today in the quietness of the place I call home.

Peace only my Father can provide.

G r A t I t U d E

What brings you a simple childlike JOY?