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Mentors Matter Monday – Immediate Connection

pitchers.jpgMentors Matter Monday is a post that means the world to me. It tells the stories of women whose lives have been changed because someone saw them worthy to be loved. To be invested in. To walk alongside.

Lean in today as Kerry Lyn shares her heart.

I met my mentor approximately ten years ago through a mutual friend at a ministry where we were both involved. The connection between us was immediate. She was able to break through a barrier with me from the beginning. Struggling with depression since the age of seventeen, I had let very few people in to my life. I found trusting others was a difficult task, at best; however, she understood the inner-battle I was fighting and challenged me to go deeper in my relationship with Christ to find comfort.

As my mentor and friend, she has always made it a point to ask the hard questions. Never being forceful or intrusive when asking questions, she has always kept my relationship with God at the forefront of any and all discussions between the two of us. By her intentional leading our conversations are always committed to the Lord. In this way, her influence has taught me how to truly be aware of things I say and think about whether they are pleasing to God.

In the recent past, I have had the opportunity to take a lot of the lessons I have learned in this relationship and utilize them in my relationships with others. Because of The influence of my mentor, I have learned what it means to pour into the lives of other women who are struggling with some of the same issues I have dealt with in my life. I know what authenticity she brings to her ministry because she has lived what she speaks. She is an example to me, and many others, of what living the life of Christ is all about.

Throughout our relationship, I have grown closer not only to this woman, but to her family as well. They have opened not only their home to me, but also their hearts. This relationship has influenced me as I have shared life with her the last ten years, but equally important, the relationship has prepared me for my future as a wife and mother.  Putting God above all else and her family next, she encourages many women around her to live much the same way.

I thank God that He brought an older woman into my life. He has used her to draw me closer to Him and to know what a real and genuine relationship with Him looks like. Through her mentoring, she has made a huge impact on me and the Kingdom.

Two Questions

1 – Are you seeking to find a mentor?

2 – Are you open to investing in another?

Please share with us how Kerry Lyn’s story has spoken to you!

Kerry Lyn resides in Galax, Virginia. She is in her final semester of school at Radford University where she is earning her second undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. She also has a degree in Theatre from RU. She has a passion for helping women who struggle with depression and who are processing through traumatic relationships. She wants God to use every situation in her life to teach her valuable lessons. Her heart’s desire is that He will use her to help others see those very things in their lives as well. Kerry Lyn is helplessly addicted to Diet Coke. Feel free to contact her at

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Mentor Survey Says…Day 2

Yesterday began seven days of answers to a survey question regarding mentoring.

I asked seven women ranging in age from twenty-five to forty one key question regarding mentoring:

The question?

As you were seeking to find a mentor, what characteristics were you looking for in a woman who would invest in you?

The answer given by this young lady:

“Humility, gentleness, God-fearing, sound mind/discerning, clear/bold speaker ( not vague), read the Word regularly, prayer warrior, serves others, puts faith to action ( not a pew sitter/ all talk no action)” SF

On one hand the characteristics she is looking for will be exhibited toward her in relationship. Healthy, life-giving relationship. Creating a safe space in which to be herself, free of judgement, free to grow through whatever she faces.

On the other hand what she is looking for are characteristics that will be exhibited in the life of the one ‘doing life’ with her.

What we model makes a difference to those who are watching us live our lives.

I remember the first young lady who asked me to invest in her. When she asked me if I would be willing to mentor her, she said she had been watching me and considered me to be a Godly woman. Now, before you get carried away and think I am holier than thou – think again please. She was careful to observe me based on the criteria she had established. I would hope that what she saw was a desire to handle all things as best as possible in a way that drew others to God. Not necessarily free of conflict or confrontation, or sin, but handled with love, truth and repentance.

God is not looking for perfection any more than those who are seeking to find a mentor are – rather He is looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).

And so is she…

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Girlee JOY

Something just flutters inside when you know it’s the JOY moment of the day.



And it wasn’t even mine!

Today I celebrated with two girlfriends the end of one season and the beginning of another.  The three of us have spent the last year and a half committed to one another in bible study.  In growing together as disciples.

We had no idea where the road would take us as we committed to one another to walk through this study, but we joined hearts desires for more of God and spoke of our need for grace, and put both feet forward.

I am better today because of having spent time with these women.  Better because of the pages we turned together.  Better because there was a safe place established to bring ourselves ‘just as we were’, and yet desiring that we might be filled with more.  Better because at times I had nothing to give, yet found plenty in their company.  Better because these women opened their mouths and truth poured out as freely as their breath.

Sisters.  Daughters.  Alive in Christ.  And the legacy goes on.  And on.  And on.

Do you pour life into others in this way?

Do you drink from friendship like this?

I would love to hear about it.