Alphabet JOY

It’s been a long journey from the rustic plank floored front porch of my family mountain home tucked away high up in the trees.  I remember it so vividly, walking past the window to see her profile in the warmth of the sunlight.  As I passed by, I paused for a minute just to observe this moment.

Writing again after all these years.

Words tucked deep inside just waiting for release.

 Freeze frame.
Doing what she was made to do.

Toes painted.  Soul breathing a sigh. Body resting in a rickety rocker.

Overlooking the astonishing Blue Ridge Mountains.

Finally.  Scratching the surface.  Bringing the words forth, one by one.

More than ten years have passed as I reflect today on what brings me JOY.

Known today as a well published author, she still captures my attention as I see pen in hand doing what she was made to do, and reaching multitudes with her message.

Today – I am filled with JOY as I celebrate each new venture with her.

Finding joy

Today it did not well up within me.

Yet – I chose to find JOY in:

The red clay roads on the pages of Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

Her abandon to God with all that she has and all that she is

She challenges me by how she lives the very definition of surrender.

Thank you Nancy for the volumes your heart spoke through your eyes as you reminded me it would change me