I’ve been asking myself lately – why bother? Not because I ponder whether or not it’s a question worth considering. Rather, in all honesty, I believe it’s a question we ask ourselves when we don’t understand the need.

I started with the same thought over a decade ago, only it looked and sounded different. Mine sounded like this: I don’t have anything to offer. Anyone else could do it better. Why me?

In a world where causes are championed every day with further reach than ever before due to increased social media, I want to hoist the biggest megaphone over my shoulder, climb every single rung on the tallest ladder, and share what I’ve learned along the way as I’ve been blessed to do life with those generations that come after me.

Instead, I’ll just whisper it from here and invite you to listen in, to hear what has helped me to see why I should bother pouring my time into them.

1 – They are asking.
It would be one thing I were to walk up to a younger person and tell them, hey, I have something
you need. Do you want to come and spend time with me? Instead, have witnessed an
increase in the younger generations seeking out those who have gone before them. They are
speaking up and advocating for themselves, asking for what they know they need.

2 – They need to see life modeled.
Part of what is needed is to see the more seasoned generations (seasoned with life experience)
model a life lived with values, integrity and authenticity. Lived out in real life situations and

3 – They need hope to see they can make it to the other side of hard stuff.
In todays culture the norm is anything goes, and when the going gets hard the committment is
thrown out the window. Today’s younger generations need help to see there is another way.
They can make it through hard stuff life deals in their direction. We can help to meet that need
as we live through what life has dealt us and we learn from it.

4 – They want to be heard yet not judged.
These relationships are the perfect place for us to sharpen our listening skills.
They long to be accepted in order to open up and share life with us. We can create a safe space
for them to share in a transparent way that helps them to grow as we decide to not judge their
current circumstances.

5 – They want to be seen for who they are, yet challenged to be more.
When we offer a safe space and accept them, we somehow earn the right to speak
truth. In fact – I have found – they ask for it.

6 – They need us to believe in them.
We have all needed someone to believe in us when we don’t quite have it in us to believe
in ourselves. As we believe in another we offer hope.

7 – They trust us to help them see all they can be when they cannot.
Do you remember a time someone who cared for you saw further than you? Saw more in you
than you saw in yourself? Those who come after us want to know they can trust us to help
them see.

8 – They want us to walk with them. Plain and simple.
They want us to ‘do life’ with them. They don’t want programs, but they DO want relationships.

9 – They want to have fun with us in our homes, kitchens and families.
They want to see how the generations that came before them navigate home life. Families
around dinner tables. Playing board games or cards together. Cooking. Baking. Organizing.
Life on life.

10 – We are challenged by them and learn with them in a way that grows us too!
Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is to find, as we do life with the generations that come
after us, we too, learn and grow and even find great reward in the relationship!

We cannot go back to yesterday where maybe we wished we had invested more into the younger generations, but we can take these Top Ten Reasons To Pour Into the Generations That Come After Us and move forward paying attention to what they need.

What need did YOU identify with that you have not considered before today?

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